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How to Enjoy your Coffee and Maintain a White Smile

Written by Torrey Hills Dental

How to Enjoy your Coffee and Maintain a White Smile

For many Americans, the day doesn’t start until the very first cup of coffee hits their lips. Cold, iced, or hot coffee is what gets many of us going before we head off to work or out for the day for errands. If you’re a coffee-lover, you are often well aware that this dark beverage can cause teeth staining. Patients who visit our dentist in Carmel Valley may ask, “How can I keep my teeth white while drinking coffee?” Drs. James Tasto and Brian Tasto of Torrey Hills Dental believe that there is a way to reduce the staining on the teeth. If staining does occur, certain cosmetic procedures such as professional teeth whitening may be considered to brighten the smile and counteract discoloration that might result from regular coffee consumption.

Whitening the smile with our team at Torrey Hills Dental

While over-the-counter whitening products are available at the local drugstore, many of these fail to provide the results patients genuinely desire. A whiter smile is better achieved by investing in professional whitening performed at the dental office. Drs. James Tasto and Brian Tasto of San Diego, CA, regularly work with coffee drinkers to help brighten the smile with in-office bleaching. Then, after patients leave the office, they will want to take great care in maintaining their white smile afterward.

Can you still drink coffee after teeth whitening?

Just because you have had your teeth whitened doesn’t mean that you will have to give up coffee for life. Patients will find that there are a few tips and tricks to enjoying coffee after whitening to extend the longevity of their treatment. Coffee drinkers may be advised to drink water after finishing coffee, use a straw for drinking their cold or iced coffees, or avoid sipping on coffee all day long to reduce the risk of staining the teeth again.

Can I drink coffee through a straw after teeth whitening?

This is highly recommended as it reduces the contact the coffee has with the surfaces of the teeth, which is how discoloration occurs. We recommend this, specifically for those who partake in cold or iced coffee beverages.

How do you keep your smile white?

There are many ways for patients to maintain a whiter smile, even after professional whitening. Below are a few recommendations for patients to consider in achieving the whiter smile they’ve always wanted with the help of our team at Torrey Hills Dental:

• Drink dark beverages with a straw when possible, including coffee, teas, and red wine

•  Brush the teeth immediately after consuming tooth-discoloration products

•  Visit the dentist regularly for professional whitening touchups

•  Brush and floss as directed by your dentist, preferably after every meal

•  Maintain routine dental examinations, where our dental team can spot problems before they become expensive issues

•  Use a toothpaste with whitening agents to extend the longevity of your professional whitening results

Is professional teeth whitening right for me?

During a consultation with our dentists at Torrey Hills Dental, we encourage patients to ask questions about the cosmetic treatments available to them. Patients without dental restorations such as veneers, crowns, or bridges free from cavities and disease may be considered viable candidates for brightening the smile with our in-office services.

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