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Digital Dental X-rays in Carmel Valley

Digital X-Rays in Carmel Valley

Our Carmel Valley, San Diego dental practice is equipped with the latest technology when it comes to treatments and imaging. These advanced resources allow us to assess concerns while they’re smaller, providing less-invasive treatment alternatives that are both comfortable and budget-savvy.

Digital Dental X-rays Near You

Today’s digital X-rays use as much as 90% less radiation than traditional X-rays from years past. Thanks to high-resolution software, we can capture the image of your tooth for a quicker diagnosis.

Not only do you benefit from safer imaging and less time in the dental office, but you can also co-plan your care alongside our Carmel Valley, San Diego dentist. Since the images are enlarged on a screen, you’ll see the same thing that we do. Your digital films become a permanent part of your secure records and are easy to transfer if you ever relocate.

Why do I Need Dental X-rays?

X-rays allow us to see parts of your oral anatomy that are not visible when we’re conducting a visual exam. They are an essential piece of a comprehensive assessment, allowing us to screen for things like:

  • Cavities inside or between teeth
  • Dental abscesses or cyst
  • Developmental or growth concerns
  • Orthodontic needs
  • Bone loss, periodontal disease
  • Impacted teeth
  • Wisdom teeth

Early intervention (through early diagnosis) is key for a healthier smile. Digital imaging makes that possible.

Types of Dental X-rays

If you’ve ever wondered why our San Diego dentist takes various types of X-rays at differing intervals, it’s because they each show separate things. For instance, “bitewings” are ideal for routine checkups, to screen for cavities between teeth. “Periapicals” help us evaluate root damage or abscess. And a “pano” or “full mouth series” is used for comprehensive exams, orthodontic screenings, to establish a baseline, and is taken approximately every 3-5 years thereafter.

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