Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a customized series of prosthetic teeth that fills a gap caused by one or more missing teeth.

People who struggle with moderate-to-severe tooth loss may need more than just crowns or veneers to fully reconstruct their smile. A dental bridge is one possible solution to restore balance, function, and aesthetics to your smile.

Traditional Bridges

Supported by connected crowns placed on natural teeth on either side of the gap, a traditional bridge can replace up to three consecutive teeth. A dental bridge is secured in place using permanent cement, so you can chew, talk, and smile with confidence.

Implant-Supported Bridges

Implant-supported bridges are attached to dental implants, and while they are a more complex procedure than traditional bridges, they offer several additional benefits.

Since dental implants ultimately fuse with the jawbone to replace lost tooth roots, they remain in your mouth permanently, lending implant-supported bridges much more durability.

If you are missing multiple teeth, work with the Torrey Hills Dental team to determine the best restorative option for your smile. A custom-made bridge could be the long-term solution you need to embrace a healthier, brighter, more confident smile.