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Dental Exams and Cleanings in Carmel Valley

Routine dental checkups are an essential part of good oral health. By assessing your smile at regular intervals, we can pinpoint and intercept issues while they’re smaller and easier to address. In some cases, they can also be reversed (as in the instance of enamel demineralization.)

Preventative Cleanings (Prophylaxis)

Professional dental cleanings remove tartar buildup and stains that have accumulated since your last checkup. We use advanced techniques and technology to provide gentle, efficient cleanings that promote a lifetime of healthy smiles.

People with healthy teeth and gums typically benefit from a prophylactic cleaning every six months.

A Custom Oral Hygiene Plan

Everyone’s smiles have different needs. Our hygienists will work with you to identify areas that may need a modified oral hygiene plan, extra attention, or a little intervention, as in the case of gum infections.

Oral Cancer Screenings

An essential piece of your dental exam is a thorough oral cancer screening. While certain risk factors—such as smoking, certain viruses, and sun exposure—can raise your chances of developing precancerous tissues, even healthy individuals can suffer from this deadly disease. Early, frequent screenings are key to a high survival rate.

Gum Disease Screenings

Another piece of your exam is screening for gum disease, bone loss, and tissue deterioration. We will carefully measure the tissue attachment levels around each tooth to intercept problems while they’re still small.

Periodontal Maintenance

If you’ve ever been treated for periodontal disease, we will place you on a maintenance schedule after your periodontal therapy is complete. These visits (usually every 3-4 months) help to prevent disease relapse and keep your smile healthy.

When Was Your Last Checkup?

How long has it been since your last exam, cleaning, or gum disease screening? If it’s been six months or longer, it’s time to give our Carmel Valley, San Diego dentists a call. Reserve your next checkup with us today.

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