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Dentures in Carmel Valley, San Diego

Dentures in Carmel Valley, San Diego

Dentures and Partials (in Carmel Valley, San Diego)

Custom dentures provide an efficient solution for replacing missing teeth. Dentures can be full (to replace all of the teeth in an arch) or partial (only replacing a handful of teeth).

Should You Get Dentures?

A properly fitted denture offers an economical option for people who need to quickly replace their missing teeth. Dentures are efficient, in that they restore all of those teeth at once, with a single prosthesis. They’re functional regardless of how many teeth are missing.

Types of Dentures We Offer

Full Dentures—Also referred to as “plates”, full dentures replace all of the teeth in your arch (the upper or lower jaw) at one time. Dentures rest directly against your gums, creating a suction of sorts to help keep it in place.

Partial Dentures—Instead of removing the healthy teeth you still have, partials clip in around them. A partial denture will only replace the teeth that are missing, allowing you to preserve as much of your natural smile as possible. Partials are more streamlined, as they rely on adjacent teeth for added stability. There is no “plate” in the roof of your mouth.

Implant-Stabilized Dentures—Some removable dentures can double as “overdentures” that snap onto dental implants. This stabilized design provides added security for people who might otherwise find it difficult to keep their dentures in place.

Denture Relines and Emergencies

An uncomfortable or broken denture can significantly alter your plans. On occasion, dentures should be updated or relined to ensure a proper fit. If your denture is broken, contact our office to reserve an exam and discuss the next steps.

Customized Dentures

Our Carmel Valley, San Diego dentists design your new denture to be comfortable, effective, and attractive. You deserve to smile with confidence! Contact Torrey Hills Dental today to request your first visit with us. New patients are always welcome.

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