Teeth Whitening in Carmel Valley, San Diego

Whitening your smile is a safe, fast, and effective way to help your teeth look their very best. By lightening the color of your natural enamel, you can easily achieve a smile that looks healthier and more youthful than it has in years.

Professional teeth whitening is excellent for:

  • Removing natural tooth discoloration
  • Jump-starting your smile makeover
  • Upcoming important events
  • Combatting coffee, tea, red wine stains, etc.

Combatting coffee, tea, red wine stains, etc.

Teeth Whitening in Carmel Valley, San Diego

Take-Home Teeth Whitening Near you

Custom whitening trays and professional gel give you full results in just 10-14 days. Wear your bleaching kit as prescribed, about an hour a day. Easily touch up after your preventative cleanings to keep your smile bright for years. Store your gel in the refrigerator and when it’s running low, just stop by our office to purchase a new tube

Same-Day (In-Office) Whitening

Need fast results? Torrey Hills Dental offers same day teeth whitening in Carmel Valley, San Diego. This in-office option is completed in about an hour and a half and whitens your teeth by up to 7-8 shades.

Should I Whiten My Teeth?

Whitening is an excellent option for anyone with healthy teeth and gums who wants to enhance their smile. You’ll need a screening first, to make sure there are no cavities or active gum infections. Also, we need to make sure there are no tooth-colored restorations in your “smile zone”, as these crowns or fillings won’t lighten like the enamel around them does. But if you’re planning to have your dental work updated, whitening beforehand allows us to match them to a brighter color.

An Affordable Pick-Me-Up

Professional teeth whitening is an affordable cosmetic option for anyone looking to improve the way their teeth look. Not only does it work better than over-the-counter products, but it’s safer too.

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