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Invisalign® in Carmel Valley, San Diego


Invisalign Clear Aligners Near You

Carmel Valley, San Diego Invisalign offers state-of-the-art orthodontic results without the look and feel of traditional braces. Instead, this discreet system uses nearly invisible aligners


How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign uses digital-mapping technology, allowing us to virtually plan your tooth movement. You can even preview the proposed results before treatment is started.

The digitally printed trays are slightly different from one set to the next. When you wear Invisalign, they naturally nudge your teeth into a slightly different position. But unlike brackets and wires, there are no “adjustments” to make.

How long will treatment take? It depends on the number of trays required. We’ll have a good idea during your initial consultation. But for most people, it’s an average of 12 months.


Invisalign near Carmel Valley

What to Expect During Treatment

Always wear your Invisalign trays as directed and change them out as prescribed (usually every two weeks.) We’ll send you home with several sets of aligners at a time, so you can progress to the next pair as directed. Brief check-in visits allow us to monitor your progress and set you up with the next sets of trays in the series.

With Invisalign you’ll enjoy:

  • Freedom to eat all of your favorite foods
  • Shorter and fewer dental appointments
  • A comfortable “braces” alternative
  • Discreet design for adults and teens
  • Simplified home care

An Investment in Your Oral Health

Having straighter teeth is essential to a gorgeous smile. But it’s also beneficial to your oral wellness. Why? Because crowded and misaligned teeth are at a higher risk of developing cavities, gum disease, or contributing to TMJ disorder.

Investing in Invisalign is a win-win for your smile.

Is Invisalign Right for You?

Reserve an orthodontic evaluation with our Carmel Valley, San Diego dentists today. Torrey Hills Dental is your certified Invisalign provider. Contact us to learn more about scheduling, financing, and more.

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