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Implant Supported Partials & Dentures

What if you could replace all of your teeth at one time with dental implants? That’s exactly what All-on-Four or hybrid implant designs can do.

With an All-on-Four appliance, you can replace all of the upper or lower teeth in your arch using as few as four dental implants.

What is All-on-Four?

Instead of requiring a dental implant at the location of each tooth that’s missing, hybrid systems use fewer implants at strategic points in your jaw. Since implants are extremely durable and capable of withstanding intense amounts of weight, they can support a multi-tooth All-on-Four prosthesis that spans the entire width of your arch of teeth.

Benefits of Hybrid Dental Implants

  • Permanent alternative to dentures
  • No bulky “plate” in the roof of your mouth
  • Comfortable and discreet
  • Simple to eat and speak with
  • No dietary restrictions
  • Supports a fuller facial profile
  • Promotes healthier, stronger bone

Candidates for All-on-Four implants are usually people who want a permanent alternative to dentures or are planning to have multiple teeth extracted. They provide a predictable rehabilitation option that allows you to avoid modifying your lifestyle.

What to Expect

Torrey Hills Dental partners with San Diego dental implant specialists on all All-on-Four treatments. After your implants are installed and integrated, we will attach your permanent, custom-designed new smile. Although the process can take some time and planning, you’ll never have to go without something to smile with.

Caring for a hybrid appliance is simple. Brush twice daily, use a water flosser at least once a day, and plan regular checkups every six months. With proper care and maintenance, your dental implants can potentially last a lifetime.

Find Out if You Qualify

Are dental implants, All-on-Four, or hybrid dentures right for you? Contact Torrey Hills Dental to reserve an exam with one of our highly experienced implant restoration providers.

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